Our Story

Hi, we’re Jones & Shana Acquah. Together, we are an all around husband and wife livestream + wedding filming production team, based in NYC. There’s no better feeling than working with your life partner and best friend. That euphoric feeling has led us not only to get married but to help us spread our love for each other and love for filming to newly engaged couples like yourselves. We are champions of love and want nothing better than to help you capture your wedding, family and engagement moments. More importantly, we are with you every step of the way so that you can feel super relaxed, we are ultra reliable so that you can feel relaxed, we are big on communication so that you can, guess what?… (feel relaxed). As a married couple, nothing makes us happier knowing that we are not just serving ourselves but that God’s purpose allows us to serve others with the highest quality! From inquiry to completion of your film, our goal is to make the entire process feel as weightless as possible and to reflect a luxury, modern and tailored experience.

We both come from creative backgrounds with dealings in corporate, film, music, television and fashion industries and have lead the creative direction, ideation, planning and execution in all scenarios. Our talents are deep individually and collectively with knowledge of lighting, composition, technical logistics for effective live-streaming, communication, story telling and the understanding of lenses to help in delivering a film that you and your family will cherish forever.

Things We Bring To The Table

  • Creative Direction
  • Video Editing
  • Ariel/Drone Video & Photo Capabilities
  • High Speed Bonded Internet Connectivity
  • Professional Audio Equipment for Crystal Clear sound
  • Multi-Camera Setup
    Live-streaming Capabilities
  • 3-5 Min Recap/Ceremony Highlight Video Capabilities
  • 1-2 Min Engagement Video Shoot/Teaser Edit (Pre-Wedding Promo)
  • 25-30 Min Extended Feature Edit

What does an off day look like for us? Shana is an educator. She teaches and inspires the youth. How much greater can things get than that? She loves to cook and is all about family and loves watching movies with Jones. Shana is also big on volunteering her time to other local organizations within our community. Oh, and we love traveling. As for Jones, he tends to watch aforementioned movies with his wife, Jones is pretty active, with the gym, sports etc. He also volunteers his time to help out a few local organizations to help them reach their goals.

Jones serves as a creative producer and also leads a team of multi-talented digital artists through his filming and digital production company with various media projects. Jones is currently in the early stages of writing his very own short-film project, stay tuned for that.