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Do You Really Need a Professional Wedding Video?

In short, yes.

Why is that? While a professional photographer will capture so many lovely moments throughout your day, videography will get all the moments in between (not to mention all the audio to accompany them). All the sweet moments, like a family member gushing with tears of joys, a special speech that could be filled with touching words, laughter, and the like. Plus, having an actual video to watch back is something you’ll treasure for years to come and can be considered a family heirloom.

Cant I just get a friend or family member to do a video?

(Yes, only if they are a professional) The idea of asking your guests/friends to take small videos throughout the day sounds great and tempting in theory. But in reality, your guests may forget to hit record while they’re celebrating. Additionally, the quality of those videos might be, er, not up to your expectations. Hiring a professional filmmaker ensures you’ll get beautiful clips. Plus, we’re using our technical expertise to edit the video as well. You won’t get a simple recording of the day, you’ll get an incredible cinematic experience set to music and sound that’s filled with all of the special moments from the day. Also, why have your guests work at your wedding? It’s their time to celebrate with you too, let them focus on doing just that. Bottom line is to encourage you to not skimp out on hiring a professional videographer due to costs. Once you receive a wedding video from it’s a family heirloom that you will not regret having and one that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

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