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Why Hire Professionals to Livestream my wedding? Well, here’s 6 reasons why you should.

1. Experienced with professional live streaming weddings.
Experience matters when it comes to things like this and we have the battle wounds to attest to this. As a matter of fact, we’ve been live streaming weddings for couples over the past 2yrs and have seen almost all scenarios from lighting, audio, venue, and internet connectivity logistics as all of these challenges are different for every wedding. With covid-19 likely to be around for the foreseeable future, we’ve helped couples successfully Livestream at the highest video and audio quality for their online guests or simply for those who are just unable because we all know someone who lives abroad. Sure you can use your phones, laptops, and webcams to Livestream but are you really thinking about giving your online guests THE BEST immersive and enjoyable experience when doing that? The problem you face when going the free and easy route is poor audio quality, poor visual quality, and poor camera placement and not to mention a very shaky internet connection. Yes, modern-day devices are good at capturing audio but let’s face it unless you want to have a phone jammed in your face while you’re saying your vows then you might want to consider hiring us to worry about all the live streaming logistics like dedicated internet connection and a professional audio setup.  

2. What’s that you say? Professional Audio and HD quality video feed.
Yes, when you hire us to Livestream your wedding, we take the stress off your plate with all the things mentioned above. We stream with 4k level cinema compact cameras which your guest will thank you for. Last but not least we use high-grade audio recorders to capture all of the vows, speeches, or any other intimate moments so that your online guest can hear crystal clear audio as if they were there in person.

3. A Multi-Camera experience.
Not only do we shoot with 4k cinema cameras but we also provide a multi-camera setup all baked into one flat rate cost. You might wonder how your online guest will be able to see all the different angles and that’s where technology and experience come into play. With our Livestream switchboard, we are able to switch to different camera angles wirelessly, giving your online viewers that immersive audio and visual production. Our setup is not bulky at all and we promise, we will blend right into the point where we won’t even be seen on the Livestream feed and better yet you may not even notice us at your wedding. 

4. Multiple internet sources combined into one
We’ve spent a lot of time here figuring out how to best provide our own internet connection and not rely on the venue’s. What we discovered is bonded internet, we take multiple internet sources and connect through our app which allows us to push your ceremony through one powerful stream, uninterrupted and untethered meaning no one else will be logged onto our connection, besides us. This results in your online guests getting the best, lag-free quality that we can offer. Your online guests will feel like they are watching live television at this rate. We try our best to connect with your venue beforehand to run tests for speed and quality to ensure that we won’t run into any issues the day of. Keep in mind that we can also take our wireless bonded internet application anywhere in the world even in the most remote locations.

5. Reliable.
As responsible professionals, my wife and I hold ourselves to that standard. We’ve NEVER missed a wedding and we don’t plan to in the future. Life is unpredictable and will simply just happen. When it comes to live streaming we really do think about all the best and worse case scenarios and what our backup plans are for those moments. We work quickly to find solutions and offer up our suggestions only to ensure that problems can always be solved when communication is at an all-time high and when all members involved are on the same page. If the DJ’s sound system goes out we have a backup for that, running tests before the day of the wedding is part of the package as well. All that to say we don’t miss a beat and we never ever call out on couples.

6. Give people the option to view your wedding online.
If you have family or friends that don’t live in the same town, city, state, or country as you, don’t leave them out. Why not give them the opportunity to witness your love in the highest quality possible? That’s what we offer, in addition to doing your traditional wedding videography we can add the Livestream the ceremony, now keep in mind that your online guests won’t be able to see things such as your getting ready moments or first reveal moments as those are not ideal moments to set up a live stream for. Can we do it? Sure, but we’re confident that your online guests would rather see you at the ceremony instead.

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